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Congratulations! You are a click away from becoming healthier, losing that stubborn weight and feeling the results. plan2BFIT is a solution to a healthier Y-O-U!


6-month workshop$250 for the first 6 weeks. Then $83.00 each additional 6 weeks for a total of $499.00*. This includes 20 weekly sessions and a plan2BFIT Welcome-Kit of necessary tools: plan2BFIT course manual, work book, resistance bands, water bottle, fitness band to track your steps and a workout t-shirt.

*$83.00 will be charged after the first 6 weeks have been completed.

Next Group Session:

Our next 6 month weight loss and healthy living workshops, begin Sunday, January 14th. We will have two sessions. One at 12 pm and the second at 2 pm. These workshops will meet at 3604 Fourth Avenue, Suite 6 (Hillcrest).  Sign Up today! The price goes up to $539.00, January 1st. The link to start is below. This group is limited to 5 people!
Parking is free on Sundays at all meters and yellow zones. We highly recommend you make time after the group to get some steps in at nearby Balboa Park!

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Participant Requirements:

  • Age 21 ;and older.
  • Between 20 – 50 Pounds Overweight. 
  • Non-Smoker.
  • Team member must be cleared for performing physical activity by physician (optional).
  • Maintain contact with the group coaches throughout the workshop.
  • Able to perform simple exercises.
  • Participate in EVERY session with a good attitude, and a willingness to learn and change.

Six Months to a Healthier You

How it Works